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This newsletter features the writing and research of faculty, staff, students, and friends of the Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota Doctor of Business Administration program. Doctoral Chevrons is published three times a year in February, June, and October.

Call for Student Submissions

We are accepting student submissions for upcoming editions of Doctoral Chevrons. Submissions discussing business research, theory, or applied business practice are welcome. Each piece should be between 500-1500 words and must follow APA guidelines. For consideration, please submit your work to

Current Edition

Zeal: Throw away that essay; here is a new one

Originally, this was going to be an essay about how the Lasallian virtue of zeal is essential in the enthusiastic and persistent pursuit of business academic scholarship. I had pithy quotes from both the 17th and 21st century, humorous stories, and...

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We have all heard the phrases, “A purpose-filled life,” “Living life with passion,” “Living life with zeal,” etc. Well, we can’t leave out “YOLO.” About a decade ago, one of my sons was telling me he wanted to do something I considered reckless. I...

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Meet Zeal

Zeal is the first to arrive and the last to leave class. She sits in the front row, shares her M&M's. She is chatty and reads … everything — even the optional articles. She giddily posts and reposts in online discussions. Zeal turns her work in...

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Embracing anti-fragility

Learners pursuing advanced degrees face a surfeit of challenges. The list of trammels is too numerous to name in this short reflection. However, in an attempt to provide some context, the obstacles range from the changes linked to content delivery...

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Capturing zeal amidst uncertainty

We know it well, the daily chaos which we now accept as the new normal, at least for the moment. Each day brings its own set of challenges and choices: Helping children with their schooling while still making progress on your own studies, finding a...

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Three Doctoral Chevrons

As we launch this first edition of the DBA departmental newsletter, The Doctoral Chevrons, we reprint an essay I wrote a few years ago for the DBA 830 Seminar Handbook. This essay was intended to stimulate thinking and discussion around what it is...

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The Value of Collaboration

There are many things that cannot be taught, and others that cannot be learned. Creativity, raw talent, ideation, and stakeholder theory are all problematic. Being in the DBA program requires a significant amount of time spent learning — venturing...

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A Transformational Experience

As you journey through this DBA learning experience, it is my hope that you are prepared for a transformational experience. The DBA experience is designed to be different from other educational experiences. It is more integrated and holistic in...

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Virtue in the DBA and Beyond

From a Lasallian perspective, the underpinnings of virtues permeate the Saint Mary’s culture. For example, new faculty are introduced to the concept of the 12 teaching virtues. From an organizational perspective, we ensure that the five core...

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Attend the Doctoral Research Symposium

Each year, Saint Mary's University hosts the Doctoral Research Symposium bringing together all three doctoral programs to showcase research, facilitate career development, and provide a complete view of doctoral education from start to finish. This...

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