Words of unity during this election

The tension resulting from all that will have transpired before Nov. 3, which many have experienced, will not end after election day. While we do not know what the outcome will be or when the official results will be known, we do know the news coverage and commentary will continue, and sometimes with great intensity. So, what do we do? I suggest we continue to do what we have done all fall at Saint Mary’s — stay focused, strong, resilient, and faithful.

Message from the president

Dear Members of the Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota Community: It is with deep sadness that I write to you today in light of the killing of Mr. George Floyd just one week ago. His death is shocking and appalling. And so I write this realizing that I don’t have...

A letter from Father Burns to our community

In response to the student assembly on our Winona Campus on Friday, and in the interest of reaffirming his commitment to building and strengthening a diverse and inclusive environment on our campuses, Father President James Burns submitted letters to both the Winona Post and Winona Daily News yesterday.