Following Dean Susan Cosby Ronnenberg’s departure later this month, Dr. Darren Row, currently serving as Interim Dean of the John C. Parmer School of the Sciences, will be the Dean of that school, as well as Dean for Arts and Humanities.

Dr. Darren Row

Dr. Row received his undergraduate degree in mathematics from Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota in 1999. He obtained teaching licensure and a master’s degree from Saint Mary’s in 2000 as a Remick Fellow for character development and ethical leadership in Catholic schools. After teaching high school for six years, Dr. Row returned to graduate school, earning a master’s degree in mathematics in 2008 from South Dakota State University and a Ph.D. in mathematics in 2011 from Iowa State University. He has been a faculty member at Saint Mary’s since 2014, teaching a wide range of courses in mathematics, statistics, and quantitative reasoning.

Father Burns said, “I am pleased to appoint Dr. Darren Row as both Dean of Arts and Humanities as well as the permanent Dean of Sciences. Dr. Row stepped seamlessly into the Interim Dean role for the John C. Parmer School of the Sciences and I have full confidence that with Dean Cosby Ronnenberg’s support, he will do the same for Arts and Humanities. His experiences at Saint Mary’s as a student, fellow, faculty member, and now academic leader brings a wealth of knowledge and showcases his commitment to Saint Mary’s mission as we look to our bright future. We are fortunate to be able to benefit from his sense of collegiality and institutional memory along with his leadership skills and talents.” Dean Row will begin as Dean of both areas on June 1, 2022.

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