Students, faculty, and alumni of the Doctor of Education in Leadership are making a difference.

Here are some of the most recent examples:





Dr. Michael Butzow (Ed.D. alumnus) was recently named the director of Field Experiences and Student Teaching in the School of Education at the University of Northwestern St. Paul.





Joann Reeck (Ed.D. student) was promoted to vice president for Equity and Inclusion at Augsburg University.





Carrie Bowler (Ed.D. student) was promoted to operations manager for the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Mayo Clinic. She has operational oversight of the Divisions of Maternal Fetal Medicine, Innovation, and Quality.





Milpha Blamo (Ed.D. student) was promoted to vice president of Talent and Culture at The Minneapolis Foundation.





Amy Woxland (Ed.D. student) was elected to the 2020 School Board for Rushford-Peterson school district in Minnesota.

Publications by recent alumni, faculty, and students include:

Hudda Ibrahim (Ed.D. student) is an author, community advocate, and educator. Her closet is full of hijabs in different styles, patterns, and of course, colors! Her first book, “From Somalia to Snow,” explores how central Minnesota became home to Somalis. Ibrahim hopes this book brings joy to the girls who wear hijabs and brings light to all of the people they meet. “What Color is My Hijab?” is a children’s “learn your colors” book where a Muslim girl chooses what color hijab she’ll wear today. In the book, women of all different professions, including doctors and teachers, artists and politicians, are featured wearing their very colorful hijabs and a variety of clothing. Ibrahim says the variety is intentional, as it illustrates that like all Americans, Muslim women come from a variety of backgrounds, cultures, and abilities.





Dr. Todd Redalen (Ed.D. alumnus) and Dr. Jack McClure (Ed.D. faculty), Redalen, T. & McClure, J.P. (2020). At-risk High School Students and High Prestige Extra-curricular activities. Journal of Scholastic Inquiry: Education 11(1) 48-60.







Dr. Ayodeji Oyebola (Ed.D. alumnus), Oyebola, A. (2020). Caring: The soul of leadership. Retrieved from

Two Ed.D. graduates also had their dissertations annotated in AXIS Journal of Lasallian Education:





Dr. Anthony C. Behan III (Ed.D. alumnus), “Lasallian Workplace Spirituality: Toward an Understanding of Meaningfulness, Belonging, and Person-Organization Fit of the Lasallian Workplace” Ed.D. dissertation, Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota, 2018, 163 pp. was annotated in AXIS Journal.





Dr. Christopher Fay (Ed.D. alumnus ), “Implementing Open-Education Resources in a Sustainable Manner: A Two-Case Study Using a Sustainability Model” Ed.D. dissertation, Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota, 2019, 131 pp. was annotated in AXIS Journal.

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