Move-out day for undergraduate students is Thursday, May 6. Students should be completely moved out of their residence halls by 7 p.m. on this day.

Students are required to set a time with their resident adviser before 7 p.m. on May 6 to complete the checkout process. The process includes a room check by your RA, completion of your Room Condition Report found in eRezLife, and turning in your room key. If you are done with finals prior to May 6 and wish to leave early, you can do so, but you still need to check out properly with your RA or hall director.

Your residence hall staff will communicate with you how to schedule a time to check out. If they have not by Friday, April 30, please reach out to your RA or hall director to find out how to schedule a time.

During checkout, residents will view their Room Condition Report with the RA, sign off on the form, and submit it. Once the completed form is submitted and your room key is turned in, checkout is complete.

There is an express checkout option for those who do not wish to schedule a time with the residence hall staff. The express checkout form can be found under “My Forms” in eRezLife beginning on Friday, April 30. When you complete this form, you are waiving your right to appeal any fines incurred for improper checkout. Your key must still be returned to the RA within your residence hall before departing campus.

Graduating seniors need to be moved out of their residence halls by noon on Sunday, May 9. You will also need to properly checkout of your room with an RA prior to leaving. The express checkout option is available, but any fines incurred will be the responsibility of the occupants of the room.

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