In 2022, 47 former employees of Feeding our Future were indicted by Department of Justice, alleging that the nonprofit had defrauded a USDA food nutrition program during the COVID-19 pandemic. Being called the “largest case of pandemic fraud in United States history,” Derek Jackson, associate professor of Business and Communication at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota, says the Feeding our Future saga is not as uncommon as people think.

So, what drives people to commit financial fraud, why was it so prevalent during the COVID-19 pandemic, and what sort of steps can be taken to combat it?

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About the Expert:
Derek Jackson is an Associate Professor of Business and Communication at Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota and a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). He began his career completing audits for the Medicare program, and also worked in industry management positions with Fortune 500 and non-profit companies prior to teaching.  With over 13 years of experience teaching in person and online, he is a seasoned educator with a passion for teaching, learning, and empowering the next generation of business leaders.

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