Saint Mary’s is honored to add two more school districts to our “Trusted Partner Program.”

These districts are Proctor Public Schools and Lake Superior Public Schools.

Proctor consists of four schools and a community education space, serving 1900 students with a faculty and staff of 249 members. A school district on the cutting edge of programming for their students, they are working on powering two of their elementary schools through solar power and have a robust building trades program. Additionally, we are working to establish a Trusted Partner Collaborative with several area schools to support their work in training, hiring, and retaining educational staff, especially in special education.

The second and most recent addition to the Trusted Partner family is Lake Superior Public Schools. Lake Superior Public Schools consists of three schools serving 1325 students with a faculty and staff of 194 members. Lake Superior is a school district focused on meeting the needs of their students. They are very proud of their work in counseling and providing social and emotional support to the learner. In their recent building renovation, they created space for a student services center which combines counseling and social work to better serve students’ social and emotional needs.


The Saint Mary’s Partnership Collaborative is a new initiative populated with key partners from the Schools of Business and Technology, Health and Human Services, and Education that provide students, faculty, and alumni with opportunities for professional development, research, internships, externships, employee pipelines, targeted accelerator certificates and degree completion. This partnership spotlight is meant to highlight the exciting partnerships Saint Mary’s has entered.

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