The Marketing and Communications is pleased to announce that Saint Mary’s Currents, the university’s podcast, has returned from hiatus.

With Saint Mary’s Currents, host Ben Rodgers and his guests discuss topics that are trending, relevant, and yes, sometimes divisive or controversial. Just as current is a flow of positive electric charge, the goal of Saint Mary’s Currents is to find a positive path forward.

In the first episode back, Rodgers and Michael Ratajczyk, associate professor of business and program director for the B.S. and M.A. in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics programs, discuss artificial intelligence and its impact on the workforce and workforce development. You can listen to the episode in the audio player below. If you would like to listen to future episodes, subscribe to Saint Mary’s Currents on your favorite podcasting platform, including Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Spotify.

These podcasts will be posted on our website, on social media, and for public relations outreach. We encourage you to consider ways to share compelling and relevant content to your audiences — prospective students, alumni, and benefactors.

While these podcast episodes are excellent ways to reach new audiences, they also show the expertise of our faculty, staff, and administrators. These podcasts can be used in media relations work, helping reporters connect with new sources.

As we prepare future episodes, we invite other faculty whose areas of academic interest align with current trends and topics and who would be willing to sit down for a half-hour conversation. If you have a topic idea or interest in being a guest of Saint Mary’s Currents, please contact Rodgers at 507-457-1481 or brodgers@smumn.edu, Ashly Bissen at 507-457-8692 or abissen@smumn.edu, or Geoffrey DeMarsh at 507-457-1496 or gdemarsh@smumn.edu.

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