Kim Postier B’23 is a mom. 

Taking care of her family has always been a priority — scuttling her kids to hockey practice and games, keeping up with her family’s needs.

Yet it had always been her dream to get a four-year degree. With Saint Mary’s, she learned she could both make time for herself, and continue to be there for her family.

Postier laughs and says she’s always been in school. “I had two 2-year degrees, and I always joked that it would be nice if they would add together to make a four-year degree, and now I don’t have to say that anymore.”

She chose to enroll in the B.S. in Human Resource Management program, earning her degree in January 2023.

The courses, she said, provided a great foundation for a variety of career paths at her current employer. “In the positions I’ve been looking at, HR management seems to be something that is applicable to many different areas; it’s not limited in scope,” she said. “I like working with people. I’m an extrovert. I like that this program offered more of the personal side, not just the business aspect.”

And why Saint Mary’s? It came down to its reputation. “A coworker graduated from St Mary’s University and had a really nice experience,” she said.

Postier said she truly enjoyed the class atmosphere. “It was a wonderful experience. There was so much open dialogue in the classrooms; I loved it,” she said. “I’ve been working at Mayo Clinic (as a human resource representative) for the past several years, so I was able to apply a lot of the course work to my current work experience. It expanded my knowledge for my position. I needed the degree to advance, yes, but also opened up new ways to look at things.”

As a nontraditional student, Postier said she felt like she fit right in with a diverse class of students, several of whom were right out of high school. “They were learning from me and my experiences, and the teachers were welcoming,” she said, adding, “They were excited to teach. That’s what I thought was awesome. Saint Marys is a warm, inviting culture that makes everyone feel welcome in class. The teachers are invested in the students. They want them to succeed and learn.”

Postier said having her B.S. degree has given her the opportunity to expand her career options. “The degree was one I wanted to do for myself, but I also knew in order to advance and continue building my career, I needed this,” she said.

With classes one evening a week for four hours, and flexible homework time, she said the work was easily manageable.

“I would highly recommend Saint Mary’s for anyone looking at going to school, whether they’re right out of high school or up to the point where they are empty nesters,” she said. “It’s never too late to learn. I am talking to a girl at work about it now. There’s such a reward, getting that degree for yourself. You can make a bigger impact if you have an education, particularly from a well established, well-known college. I feel proud.”

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