One of the first strategic actions taken by Dr. Max Bonilla, provost and dean of faculties, since his arrival at the beginning of February was to determine the academic affairs leadership positions reporting to the provost’s office. Vacancies and transitions in positions afforded an opportunity to review and re-organize his direct report structure to maximize collaboration within academic affairs and create greater efficiency in serving students.

Rather than filling the open vice provost position, two dean positions will be recruited:

  • Dean of academic affairs
  • Dean of academic support services

All offices falling under these new dean positions will be reported on in the coming weeks, but here are a few areas that we know will report into each of the two deans:

Dean of academic affairs

  • Bachelor Completion
  • Accreditation and Assessment
  • Online Operations

Dean of academic support services

  • Writing Center
  • Libraries
  • Student Success

The positions will oversee the respective services of their areas for both undergraduate and graduate programs. Searches for both positions will begin in March. The new dean positions, along with the current academic deans, will report to Dr. Bonilla and all deans will work closely to meet and advance our strategic goals.

“The more collaboration and effectiveness we can build into the organization, the better for our students and for the university,” said Dr. Bonilla. “This structure will enhance our efforts to strengthen the student experience and optimize operations. I am excited about this future structure and seeing the wonderful outcomes from continued collaborative work.”

More updates will be announced related to the searches and areas reporting to the two deans as soon as they become available.

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