As we continue with the slow rollout of our new brand, it’s exciting to see it appear in various channels and places, such as during Reunion Weekend, the current website updates (with new website launching next month), advertising, and new banners on the Winona Campus. But wait, there’s more!

  • New interior banners at the Rochester Campus will be installed in late July
  • New signage for the Rochester Campus is being developed
  • New exterior banners for the University Center on the Minneapolis Campus are in development
  • On-air messaging began running on The River in the Winona area on July 1.
  • On-air messaging will begin on Minnesota Public Radio stations on Aug 1.
  • NEW billboards will be installed around Winona and on I-90 in Rochester beginning on Aug. 1.
  • NEW billboards will be installed in nine locations around the Twin Cities in late August (in development).

The Winona Admission team and MarComm have also been partnering on recruitment marketing, working with our external vendor, Liaison, to incorporate new brand messages and our updated visual identity into their emails, brochures, and website custom landing pages.

See examples of the work to date.

It is also wonderful seeing new business cards, name tags, and other materials.

Because we are taking a staged approach to the rebrand in the spirit of fiscal prudence, it can feel a bit like “Where’s Waldo” at times, but rest assured it’s already having an impact. We saw a 24% increase in conversion rates on our website in June when compared with May. (Conversions refer to people taking an action on the site, i.e. completing a form, which is exactly what we want to see, as engagement is critical when looking to grow enrollment.) And another stat to end this update with, we saw a 29% increase in form submission on our SGPP admission page alone. Remember, the new branding is all about building awareness and interest as we support our goals of increasing reputation and revenue.

We will report on more progress in the coming weeks

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