Earlier this month, Saint Mary’s University’s Doctor of Education in Leadership program hosted its 13th annual summer residency.

The summer residency, held this year from July 6-10, allows online students the opportunity to come to Saint Mary’s Twin Cities Ccampus and meet their cohort and faculty. This year, students came from around the world, including Rome and Panama, as well as from New York, Georgia, Maryland, Tennessee, Arizona, Florida, and Iowa.

The five-day residency included classes, workshops, guest speakers, and the annual closing dinner and ceremony, which is always a highlight. Students from three cohorts had an opportunity to share their experiences and learn from one another.

“Events like the summer residency are important to remind people of what it is like to be together,” said Jack McClure, program director for the Ed.D. program. “We value our online experience; however, face-to-face learning has become so valuable. We all, both students and faculty, left the event feeling invigorated in our work.”

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