As students, faculty, and staff continue to upload COVID-19 vaccination information or file exemptions in the health portal, this additional information may be helpful:

  • Use your Saint Mary’s email and password when accessing the health portal. Otherwise, appropriate forms will not be accessible to you.
  • Be sure to complete the COVID-19 vaccination form in addition to uploading your vaccination card. Some individuals have only been uploading their vaccination card. The vaccination form must also be completed.
  • Once you have submitted your vaccination card or filed your exemption, you will not receive a confirmation email. You can, however, go back into your portal later to check that the correct forms have been completed and uploaded.
  • Notary publics can be found at most banks and at most post offices. If you are in Minnesota, you can find a notary near you using Find a Notary. In Wisconsin, you can find a notary public in your area by using the WI Notary Public Search. Narrow your search by using a city and a zip code. In Illinois, you can find a notary public in your area by using the Illinois Notary Public Search. A Google search with “Find a Notary in (insert appropriate state)” will result in similar notary search services by state.

As a reminder, all students, faculty, and staff must complete the process to document their vaccination or file an exemption by Friday, Oct. 8.

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