With the end of the academic year quickly approaching, we ask that you take some simple steps to ensure that your mail and packages continue to reach you:

  • Check and empty your mailbox before departing for summer.
  • Check with the mailroom for any unclaimed packages.
  • Provide the mailroom with a preferred forwarding address.

For graduating students or those who are not returning to Saint Mary’s, contact frequent correspondents (financial institutions, magazine subscriptions, etc.) to change your address. Saint Mary’s is considered a business per postal regulations, an individual may NOT file a change of address form directly with the U.S. Postal Service.

On Monday, May 10, the mailroom will empty mailboxes. First class mail will be forwarded to the address you provide or the home address the university has on file. We cannot forward magazines, junk mail, or campus mail. For international students intending to return, we will retain mail and packages for you.

It is recommended you check and change your auto default shipping address with businesses to ensure your packages arrive to the correct address.

Also beginning May 10, the university will no longer accept packages for students not approved to be on campus for the summer. Per policy, UPS and FedEx do not allow forwarding of packages. We will attempt to re-ship them if you provide the mailroom with a pre-paid shipping label. If not, they will be retained for your return to campus. PDF form is acceptable and the file must be emailed directly to the mailroom at mailroom@SMUMN.edu. The U.S. Postal Service does allow no cost forwarding on select parcels and will collect any postage due upon receipt. We will forward these at your request.

With questions, please contact Neal Nixon, mailroom coordinator, at 507-457-1571 or mailroom@SMUMN.edu.

Have a safe and wonderful summer!

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