The Marketing and Communication Office has updated their website to be more user friendly, including new design resources. Visit Under the Resources tab you’ll see:

  • PowerPoint and poster templates (various sizes/orientations) to be used for on-campus display only. Each template has our fonts built in, along with placeholder images. As before, any posters/flyers for off-campus promotion should be requested through Marketing and Communication.
  • Fonts, including a new san serif font called Montserrat, which is visually closer to the official university san serif font Gotham. A serif font called Vollkorn has also been added, which is the PC equivalent of the university serif font Mercury.
  • Icons have been added to use in PowerPoints and posters as well.
  • Photos, including a new library.

If you have any questions about these resources or the Saint Mary’s brand, contact Director of Brand and Creative Services Scott Kneeskern at

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